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Lisbeth Erlands resigned on 31 December 200908-01-2010
Lisbeth Erlands was engaged in Dalgasgroup A/S on 1 June 2008 in order to develop the company's strategy concerning purchases of forest estates in Eastern Europe and the company's energy activities in Poland.

As CEO, Lisbeth Erlands has been in charge of Dalgasgroup A/S’ Polish subsidiary Hedeselskabet Sp. z o.o. and implemented an expansion of the company's production and optimised the company's earnings, for example by entering into agreements regarding the sale of carbon credits to the Danish government.

To ensure future developments of Hedeselskabet Sp. z o.o., a decision has been made on Lisbeth Erlands’ recommendation to seek/expand cooperation with a Polish partner regarding ownership and operation of individual energy ¬projects and perhaps, in future, shared ownership of the company.

In forest projects, Lisbeth Erlands has been in charge of purchases of approx. 2,200 ha forests in Latvia.

Moreover, Lisbeth Erlands helped develop a business concept in forest investments in cooperation with LD Invest A/S. Consequently, a decision has been made to change Dalgasgroup A/S’ strategy and Dalgasgroup A/S’ foreign forest investments will in future primarily be implemented within the new partnership rather than Dalgasgroup A/S.

As a result of these changes in Dalgasgroup A/S’ strategy of forest and energy activities outside Denmark, it has been agreed to abolish Lisbeth Erlands’ position as at 31 December 2009.

It is a matter of regret and a pity to have to let a loyal and competent colleague go but the changed development of the strategy has necessitated this mutual decision/agreement.

Lisbeth has completed and implemented the strategic and commercial developments of the business areas for which she was in charge to mine and our entire satisfaction.