Well at the landfill

Treading the gas from the extraction plant

Gas Module

The gas module is a central part of the system as it treats the gas from the extraction plant before it is sent to the utilization plant (the CHP module).

All extraction lines are led separately from each extraction well into the module. The composition of the gas supplied from each extraction well can be thus analyzed.

The figures are entered into the system and can be shown graphically on a screen. In this way it can be checked if the components of the system are working satisfactorily and the suction pressure can be adjusted both individually.

Inside the module the extraction pipes are joined and the gas is re-filtered prior to the gas compressor.

After the compressor the gas is cooled before entering the gas transmission line.

The gas module holds a number of extensive safety systems which shut off the gas extraction in case of a gas leakage in the module. Further, the gas quality of each extraction well and the total gas flow is monitored thus avoiding danger of explosion.

Pipes in the container