Green nature

Hedeselskabet was established 150 years ago


The company was set up by Danish company Hedeselskabet in 1993 with the aim of developing, constructing and operating environment and energy plants in Poland.
In being in Poland Enricom Sp. z o.o. has gained a enormous knowledge in doing business in the largest new member of the European Union.

Due to its geographical position and huge potential, Poland is an obvious target for Hedeselskabet.

Through the very specific nature of the Danish mother company, Enricom Sp. z o.o. have had the possibility to develop its activities in accordance with the market in Poland.

From selling the first installation to the town Torun in 1995, to be the builder and owner of installations in Łęgajny in 1998, Sosnowiec and Łubna 2000, Hedeselskabet has become a leading company in degassing landfills in Poland.

In comparing the way of degassing landfills in Poland and Denmark, the most significant difference is the fact that in Poland, Hedeselskabet degas landfills still in operation. In Denmark we only degas closed landfills.

E.M. Dalgas

If you are interested in earlier history and the founder E.M. Dalgas - read about it here (in Danish).