Landfillgas plant

The landfill gas plant in Góra Kalwaria

Lubna near Góra Kalwaria

The landfill in Lubna was established in 2000 and has an capacity of 2 x 836 Kw electricity and 2 Mw of heat.

The electricity is sold to the local energy company PGE Obrot and the heat is sold to the local heating company in Gora Kalwaria. The heat is primary sold to private users.

Due to the magnitude of the landfill and the prosperous cooperation with MPO Hedeselskabet expect to enlarge the installation at Lubna to have an electricity production of minimum 2,5 MWh and 3 Mw heat.

Due to some major natural destructions of the wells and pipelines on the lower part of the landfill, Hedeselskabet has in close cooperation with MPO Warszawa established 60 new wells.