Well at the landfill

Green energy from landfill sites

Landfill Gas

Depositing of organic waste on landfill sites has been a common method for removal of solid waste from households and industry. When organic material is deposited, it is subject to a number of decomposition processes which lead to the formation of landfill gas.

Landfill Gas as Fuel

Landfill gas is a mixed gas, which overall corresponds to biogas, as the primary part of the gas (40-65%) is methane. Methane is also the main part of natural gas, and landfill gas can be used instead of natural gas in boilers and engines.

Landfill Gas as Green House Gas

Methane is a very strong greenhouse gas with a greenhouse effect of 21 times the same amount of carbon dioxide. If the landfill gas is not recovered, the methane content of the gas is released to the atmosphere and hereby increases the greenhouse effect.

Environmental advantages of recovery of landfill gas: 
  • Recovery of landfill gas reduces the greenhouse effect
  • Landfill gas can replace fossil fuels in the production of energy
 The gas plants what we exploit in Poland are designed by Xergi what has more than 20 years of experience within also establishment and operation of landfill gas plants in Denmark and abroad.
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